Assoc.Prof. Dr. Agachai Sumalee
รศ.ดร. เอกชัย สุมาลี

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- Ph.D, Transportation Engineering, University of Leeds, UK (Thesis: Optimal Road User Charging Scheme Design awarded the Smeed Prize in 2003 and the Hans Jurgen Ewers Prize in 2005)
- M.Sc, Engineering with Distinction in Transport Planning and Engineering, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
- B.Eng (Honors), Civil Engineering, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, KMITL (Thailand)

Educational Institue:
# Current:  Associate Professor and Director for the Smart City Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand.
# Associate Profressor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Government Committee:

Vice Chair                       Board of Railway Development, Engineering Institute of Thailand

Member                           Organizing Committee of Thailand Rail Academy Symposium, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office, Thailand Government

Member                           Board of Innovation and Information Technology, the National Housing Authority of Thailand (NHA), Thailand Government

Member                           Board of Land Development, Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT), Thailand Government

Member                           Board of Business Development, Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) , Thailand Government

Member                           Board of Transit Development, State Railway of Thailand (SRT), Thailand Government

Board Member                Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS)

Committee Member         Road Safety Research Committee, Hong Kong Government, (2011-current)

Committee Member         US Transportation Research Board, Transportation Network Modelling Committee (ADB30), National Research Council. (2006 – present)

Member of Board of Examiner           Charter of Institute of Logistics and Transport Hong Kong (CILTHK) for Professional Qualifying Examination (2010 – present)

Advisor                            Governor of the State Railway of Thailand (2010)

Sub-Committee Member: Mass Transit sub-committee of the State Railway of Thailand (2008 –2009

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   2. [2005] Developing Sustainable Urban Land Use and Transport Strategies: A Decision Makers’ Guidebook

Journal Editorship

Editor in Chief                 Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics (2012- present) (Taylor and Francis) SCI journal

Editor                              Journal of Transport Policy (2010 – 2015) (Elsevier) SCI Journal

Associate Editor              Networks and Spatial Economics (2007 – present) (Springer) SCI Journal

Editorial Board Member Transportation Research Part B: Methodology (2010 -  present) (Elsevier) SCI Journal

Editorial Board Member Transportmetrica A: Transportation Science (2011 – present) (Taylor and Francis) SCI journal

Editorial Board Member Transportation (2011 – present) (Taylor and Francis) SCI journal

Editorial Board Member Journal of Advanced Transportation (2009 – present) (Wiley) SCI Journal

Editorial Board Member International Journal of Urban Science (2010 – present)

Editorial Board Member  Journal of Travel Behavior and Society (2013 – present)

Editorial Board Member  The Open Transportation Journal (2009 – present)

Conference Chair and Committee

Conference Chair            The 15th HKSTS International Conference (11-14 December 2010): Transport and Urban Sustainability.

Co-Chair                         Mini-Symposium on Modelling for Sustainable Transportation (15-17 December 2010)

Regional Committee        The Third International Symposium on Dynamic Traffic Assignment (29-31 July 2010), Takayama, Japan

Organising Committee:   18th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Organising Committee:   11th International Conference on Computer-Aided Scheduling of Public Transport, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Organising Committee    The 14th HKSTS International Conference, Dec 2009 Hong Kong

Organising Committee    The 13th Annual Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS), Dec 2008 Hong Kong

Organising Committee: The First International Symposium in Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA2006), University of Leeds, UK

Scientific Committee:       Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)

Scientific Committee:       the European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Transportation and Logistics

Scientific Committee:       International Conference and workshop on Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Systems, August 2007, University of Khon-Kaen, Khon-Kaen, Thailand

Scientific Committee:       The Portuguese Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications for Sustainable Transportation Systems

Guest Editor                    Journal of Advanced Transportation (special issue on Evaluation and Enhancement of Transport Network Reliability: Network Equilibrium Based Approach);

Guest Editor                    International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (special issue on Current Trend and Development of Sustainable Transport Research in Europe);

Guest Editor                    Networks and Special Economics (special issue on Reliability and Emergency Issues in Transport Network Analysis).

Referee                            Transportation Research Part A, Part B, Part C, Part E, Transportation, Transportmetrica, International Journal of Sustainable Transport, ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, European Journal of Operation Research, Information Science, Transport Review, Journal of Intelligent Transport System, IEEE Transaction in Intelligent Transportation System, Computer Aided in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

Transportation Planning and Engineering, Transport Dynamics

Agachai has specialist interest and experience in Intelligent Transportation System, Travel Time Estimation, Traffic Model, Network Design, Transit Oriented Development, Transport Economics, Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Reliability and Risk Analysis, Game Theory, Non-linear Optimization, Bilevel Optimization & MPEC.

In 2014 he gave a talk as one of the keynote speakers for the 20th Anniversary EASTS Symposium in Tokyo Japan. The event marked the 20th Anniversary of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies. He also gave an invited presentation at the 5th International Public Transport Forum in Seoul, South Korea. The event was organized by Korea Transportation Institute (KOTI) and was attended by Vice Minister of Transportation of South Korea, Director of KOTI, and other high level decision makers in South Korea.

Described as a “traffic-busting professor” he won the 2014 ASPIRE prize issued by the APEC Policy Partnership for Science, Technology and Innovation Science. Technology and innovation development officials from APEC economies presented him with the 2014 APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research, and Education.

#May 2016 Included in the Top100 Asian Scientists by Asian Scientist Magazine
#September 2014 The APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (“ASPIRE”), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
#June 2013 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research Grant, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
#December 2012 Outstanding Research Award, Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
#April 2012 Best Paper Award, The National Convention on Information Technology, Thailand for the paper Siamtraffic 2.0: Traffic pattern search for travel time prediction in Bangkok road network (Vanitchakornpong, K., Indra-Payoong N, Sumalee A.)
#November 2010 Civil Engineering Paper of the Year Award (Professional Grade), The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Civil Division for the paper Reliable Path Searching System: A Case Study in Hong Kong (Chen, Lam, Sumalee, and Tam)
#April 2010 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research Grant, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
#December 2009 Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS) Outstanding Student Paper Award: Heuristic Global Optimization Method for Continuous Network Design Problem (by my student, Paramet Luathep) at the 14th HKSTS International Conference
#September 2005 Outstanding Paper Award from the 6th EASTS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (out of 600 papers)
#January 2005 Smeed Prize for the Best Paper in the Annual Conference of the University of Transport Studies Group (UTSG), Bristol, UK
#October 2004 Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize for International Outstanding Research in applied infrastructure economics awarded by Technical University of Berlin
#November 2003 Outstanding Paper Award from the 5th EASTS conference, Fukuoka, Japan (out of 500 papers)
#2000 – 2004 The U.K. Department for Transport Scholarship for PhD study
#November 2000 JMP Prize for the Best Performance Student in MSc(Eng) programme