Prepare to lead national and global civil projects through a program of study that strengthens your theoretical and technical training skills. KMITL is one of just a few universities in Thailand to offer this cutting-edge curriculum. KMITL students get access to job sites and learn how to win work, master cutting-edge planning and analyze contemporary case studies. You will develop competitive leadership skills to help you pursue an executive-track career in the construction industry.

Areas of Study :
To fulfill our outstanding in Civil Engineering fields, the department exhibits strength in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. We have major study in areas of concern as follows:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical and Soil Engineering
  • Transportation and Highway Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Survey Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate and Professional Degree Programs :

The current civil engineering programs are best visualized and described by referring to the relevant curriculum as link below, which shows the courses by semester and also indicates any pre or co-requisites. An overview of the curriculum and course descriptions for each program can also be viewed in the document. For questions regarding the curriculum, contact the Director of the curriculum. The programs for both undergraduate and graduate degree are provided as follows:

“We invite you to discover the challenges and excitement in Civil Engineering and explore our diverse teaching program and the wide range of research”

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