Civil Engineering, KMITL, is the leading engineering department in Thailand. We have research laboratory fully-equipted with research equipments and facilities providing studies in different of civil research areas. Our research covers the seven areas of expertise with its sub research fields as shown in chart above, which are the core education in civil engineering. Our students will learn about the latest technologies, in various fields of building design and construction, infrastructure planning, and environment. The Department seeks to benefit society by creating leading engineering knowledge that fosters sustainability, prosperity and resilience. We share this knowledge and transfer it to industry through publication, teaching, collaboration, licensing and entrepreneurship. By research expertises in our department, we can address major challenges and develop complete solutions, serving as an national advisor for civil engineering excellence.

We work closely with industry, government and research councils to encourage innovative thinking which has an impact on our lives. As a result we are proud of our heritage of nationally-recognised, multidisciplinary research in a stimulating research environment.

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